• Paying us money and sending your project proposal indicates that you have agreed to and acknowledged our terms of service.


    • Designs hub pro pledges to entertain clients with world-class project services with 100% satisfaction. After all, the sole purpose for unlimited sales it to meet clients criteria and complete the project far better than its prospects. You can also reach out to us @email address if you are dissatisfied with the project and want amendments.


  • Our rapport and communications with customers are solely based on services they buy from us. Hereafter, clients only pay us for the services we provide them in full; this includes upfront, partial payments, and full payments. Under no circumstance do we entertain third parties nor any customer associations for payments.
  • Bear in mind that Designs Hub Pro only deals with the client directly and don’t communicate with external sources whatsoever. As to keep our services and settlement process smooth and fast, it is necessary to keep communication and payment channels thoroughly and throughout end-to-end.


    • Speaking of unlimited revisions doesn’t mean that they’re not calculated to a certain amount. Remember, the number of reviews and modifications to your project will depend on your selected package. But chances our you will hardly find any errors and mishandlings in the deliverables we send you. Thanks to our proficient team of designers and developers team leads and managers; including everyone involved in the endeavors.


    • Our initial turnaround time is 4 to 5 business days for the elementary logo and website design and development services with mobile optimization. Exclusive and client major projects with sophisticated features and demands may exceed the full-week (5 days) timespan. Please note that this time frame is not valid for a multi-layered project but for a single design iteration (web page, logo, animation, service content, etc.).

Heres an idea:

    • Website order allotments and revision turnaround times depend upon the complexity of the website. For e.g., a basic eCommerce website content changes and product listing services may take 2 to 3 working days. Whereas, for animations and design changes, it might require 4 to 5 days.
    • Logo order placements and revisions requested on a Monday or Tuesday will be completed on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.
    • Logo orders and revisions placed on Friday will be delivered late Monday or Tuesday.


    • Designs hub pro offers 100% money-back guarantee on all our design services (exclusive of large-scale multifaceted projects). Customers can claim a 100% cash recompence under the following circumstance:
    • Dissatisfaction with the initial designs for logo and website. you can file a 100% cash return claim on our website.


    • We offer 100% refund on all of our design services. However, it doesn’t come without certain stipulations and set of rules. The following conditions annul 100% and partial refunds:
      • For special/custom packages.
      • Approvals for primary design concepts (for all services).
      • Revision demands beyond the initial design concepts.
      • After logo and website design finalization.
      • A website designed, developed, and deployed live.
      • Communication absence from the client for more than 2 weeks without prior notice.
      • Projects stoppage or hold-up from the customers are devoid of refund.
      • Violation of company’s terms of service and policy.
      • Contacting other website, hiring outsiders, and outsourcing of the same project we’re working on.
      • The brief form lacking complete information from the client’s end.
      • Request for a complete design change after finalization.
      • Business interruption, closure, migration, or bankruptcy.
      • Reasons like ‘change of plans,’ ‘change of mind,’ ‘disagreement with partners,’ and other such reasons pertaining to the services.
      • Refunds are not applicable to projects undergone multiple revisions.
      • The client is entitled for 50% of the total project amount after talking with the project manager.
      • Bear in mind that 35% administration charges will be applicable on all cancelled or changed orders within or after 24-hr time frame.
      • Order cancellations prior to project initiation are 100% refundable, but might include a nominal cancellation fee
      • The refund approval will be totally at the company’s discretion.
  • Services not included in the design services category are not eligible for refunds whatsoever. They cannot be compensated with money under any circumstances. Please note that refunds are not applicable to design and non-design packages.


  • To claim your refund, please follow any of the following steps:
    • You can claim reimbursements by following the procedures stated belo
    • Contact us on 3022950558 and speak with our respective project manager to commence the refund process.
    • Live Chat* and speak to our respective website representatives.
    • Sending us a formal refund email and putting your project manager in [CC]
  • We will respond to your refund request at its earliest. But first, we will analyze your repayment demand under our policies and arising circumstance. Know that you will have no rights and ownership over the design and all project elements once you receive your funds. Also, we may also use your sent design concept sent for the money-return specified project.


  • We will try our level best to meet your requirements and send you the project far better than your expectations. We believe in hard-work; sending you high-quality project deliverables prepped with artisan craftsmanship and in-depth research.


    • Our project delivery policy runs under the below citations:
  • Completed orders will be sent on the mentioned email accounts and on the allotted project deadline.
  • Turnaround time depends on the project size, project package, and its complexity level. But know that turnaround time for every project is 2 business days.
  • We will only broadcast websites live after the full payment of dues and other outstanding charges. Under no circumstance your website will be made live nor its access credentials handed over to you.
  • Urgent and rush-hour orders are not included in refund policies.


  • All of our finalized project designs and other relevant fulfillments are countersigned by the client before release. Full rights and proprietorship of completed websites, logo, designs, and other digital components belong to their respective owners.


A few corroborations are as follows:

  • Designs hub pro never shares personal information of clients and other persons with third parties and outsiders. We assure 100% foolproof protection of every bit of personal information. Besides, confidentiality goes hand in hand with our company’s integrity and customer reliability – on us and our firm.
  • After the successful completion of the project, our company and client agree to put each other in high esteem. Intentionally try not to defame and otherwise criticize in any manner and any circumstance.
  • After the completion of project(s), we and the client must take necessary steps to oblige each other with respect and gratitude. No derogatory comments will be entertained with leniency, but will be met with strict legal action. Like our valued clients, we equally respect our staff members including employees, officers, managers, agents, associates, consultants, business partners, drivers, office boys, and such.


  • Designs Hub Pro pledge to protect and keep record of our clients’ project database for 30-days. We make sure we have the original finals intact on our storage devices. It is to ensure we can send them again to our customers for misplaced already sent finalized project files.


  • Our customer support team is available during office work days; from Monday till Friday between 9 AM to 5 PM EST. We will be readily available to listen to your queries and concerns and provide you with proper solutions. Queries, suggestions, and concerns after business days/hours must be emailed through our website; on the customer care service section.